Boblagio XV

Andrea Savage, Bob Bennett, Mark Stainer, Heidi Halsey

Andrea Savage, Bob Bennett, Mark Stainer, Heidi Halsey

Two in a row for Bob and both Bennett’s cash – what wonderful hosts they are.  Plus, Andrea Savage lives up to her name by knocking out 8 of the 20 players!

Sat July 6, 2008

20 players. Total pot $1,600. 8:35p start  ***Photos***


  1. BOB BENNETT [$700]
  2. MARK STAINER [$480] 1:20am by Bob Bennett.  Heads up play begins with Mark having roughly a 4 to 1 chip lead (Bob had been short all night).  After about 20 minutes though, the tables had turned and it was all over – here’s the final hand.  Bob, with a 3 to 1 chip lead calls Mark’s all in and shows As8c.  Mark turns over KdQc.  Bob’s 57%.  The board comes 10d5s7h 8h 6h, the Ace held up and it was all over for this Boblagio newcomer.
  3. HEIDI HALSEY [$320] 1:00am, by Mark Stainer. Mark’s miracle 2-outer on a previous hand against Heidi left her short stacked, and it all ended for her when she got it in with Kh8s against Mark’s AcTh.  Mark’s 65% and it holds up on a board of Jc5cJh Ad 4s.
  4. ANDREA SAVAGE [$100] 12:35am, by Heidi Halsey.  These two were going back and forth for a number of hands before Heidi flopped an A to pair her A4 against Andrea’s QdJd.  Heidi was 52% when the money went in.
  5. GIULIO COSTANZO 12:24am by Andrea Savage.  Giulio gets into a race for his tourney life with black 6’s on the short stack against chip leader Andrea’s KdJc and is 53%. It doesn’t hold up though when the board of 4s5dAd Jd 3d gives Andrea the King-high flush.
  6. JEREMY PLAGER 12:09am by Mark Stainer.  Jeremy’s K3 clubs goes in against Mark’s AcJd and is only 37%.  The turn makes it interesting when it comes 7d6d7c Qc, but the river was the 2h, ending the night for Jeremy.
  7. GRANT THOMPSON 12:05am by Bob Bennett.  Bob raises in late position.  Grant in the BB wakes up with AK and re-raises all-in.  Bob auto calls with QQ is 57%.  No help comes for Grant, and he’s sent to the rail having played the hand perfectly well and run into a monster.
  8. TIM HART 11:52am by Andrea Savage.  Andrea’s been the chip leader the entire tourney and is running over the table.  Tim had been quietly dwindling and waiting to pick a spot to push.  He thinks he’s found it when he looks down at AcTs and makes his move.  Andrea thinks for a moment and calls.  Jeremy is last to act, but folds.  Andrea turns over red rockets and is 91%.  As you might imagine, she takes the pot.  It’s no fun when you make your move and the SB wakes up with Aces.
  9. MIKE EXNER 11:47 11:47am by Bob Bennett.  Mike in the cutoff seat puts in a single purple chip but doesn’t say anything so it’s ruled a call.  Bob, on the button finds TdTs and knows mike has a hand but can tell it’s not an amazing one so the trick is to figure out how to get the chips in preflop.  After taking some time he elects to push in.  Mike, at this point probably pretty sick of Bob pushing in elects to call with his KdQh.  The tens at 56% hold up and it’s all over for the first timer – a nice final table showing!


10) Danny Alexander and David Rovin in the same hand by Andrea Savage. 11:12p


12) Bryan Seabury by Mark Stainer 11:01pm.  Seabury’s second 12th place finish in a row.

13) Masao Kitamura by Andrea Savage 11:06pm

14) Jay Potashnick by Tim Hart 10:53pm.

15) Barry Reyes by Andrea Savage 9:42pm.

16) Samantha Bede by Mike Exner 9:38pm

17) Ian Siegel by Tim Hart 9:29

18) Nelson Bae by Giulio Costanzo 9:28pm

Becker and Mike Azzolino on the same hand by Andrea Savage 9:13pm


Technically Becker since he was the shorter stack, so we decided that makes Mike “Poo”. 8:57pm


There wasn’t one!!  What the hell?  People, next time I command you to have a side game!


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